In a previous article, we had a look at the symptoms of brain fog, as well as the possible causes of brain fog.

Perhaps you’re a little foggy and can’t remember?

LOL, just kidding!

By this stage, I hope you’ve identified the possible causes of YOUR brain fog.

For me, it was a combination of too little sleep, allergens, vitamin deficiency – even though I was eating a balanced diet, and also stress. 

puzzle pieces

Below, I will share with you how I treated my own brain fog, and how I started feeling better – almost immediately.

I followed a few simple steps, and as a result I increased my alertness and productivity, which is nice, but most of all I started FEELING BETTER!

Now don’t tell me you don’t want the same for yourself…

By trying the different remedies and eliminating the one’s that don’t work for you, you should find a suitable solution, even though I can’t guarantee that all of these tips will work for you.

Improve the quality of your sleep – chances are that you aren’t getting enough sleep either, just like I was!

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According to research conducted by the CDC, an astonishing third of all adults in America aren’t getting enough sleep!

A doctor friend of mine told me to keep in sync with my body’s natural sleep – wake cycle… Problem is, I’m a night-owl, so that didn’t work out too well for me I’m afraid.

Simple solution: set an alarm for going TO bed, and another one for waking up.

Yep, I simply started my bedtime routine earlier by setting an alarm that reminded me to go to bed at 10pm every night.

owl with orange eyes

Like I said, by nature I am a night-owl.  I will often start getting sleepy at around 9:45pm, but then push through that sleepiness and feel rejuvenated and refreshed enough to tackle a big project around 11pm.

Good for late night study cramming, NOT so good for waking at 5am to start my shift in the kitchen!

Getting into bed before I hit my second wave of energy was step nr 1 for getting rid of that blurry, foggy feeling.

I have to be honest with you, I still use my alarm clock to remind me to go to bed!

I think if you are a night- owl like me, it is just so difficult to start the habit of going to bed early.  I find it easier than I did in the beginning, but I think I will need an alarm to go to bed for the rest of my life…

multitude of alarm clocks

I also downloaded an app that plays binaurial beats while I sleep.  Even though it is suggested to use these sleep inducing soundwaves with earphones (for best results they say) I find that even if I just play the sounds I fall asleep much quicker.

What do you find helps you sleep better?

Next step for beating brain fog – adjusting your diet.