Step four in beating your brain fog is drinking water – plenty of it!  Roughly three-quarters of the human brain is composed of water, and when dehydrated, it actually shrinks in volume! Yikes!

study conducted in 2015 at Loughborough University found that dehydrated drivers’ performance was just as poor as that of people who completed similar tests while at the legal limit for blood alcohol content.

The errors committed by the drivers included lane drifting, late braking and touching or crossing the rumble strip or lane line.

Easy enough to see the link between clear thinking and staying hydrated, don’t you think?  For easy ways to up your water intake, follow these tips:

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning when you wake up.  Some people start their day with a cup of warm water and a slice of lemon, others just down a glass full of room temperature water.  Either way, starting your day with a glass of water will help you to rehydrate after sleeping.
  • Drink a glass of water with every meal.  The simplest, yet we often forget about this one.
plate of food, water being poured into glass
  • Link your water consumption with some of your most common daily activities – like going to the bathroom, taking a short break from work or every time you switch your computer on or off.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go – soon you’ll be in the habit of taking sips throughout the day.
  • Use a refillable bottle/jug of water at your desk – motivate yourself by refilling the bottle/jug multiple times a day.  A bottle/jug that is marked with ounces or even hours can help you reach your personal water goal.
  • Better yet – use an app that tracks how much water you’ve consumed.  Download the free app Daily Water Free to set daily reminders and alarms for drinking water.
  • Pop a slice of lemon, thinly sliced cucumber or even crushed mint leaves into your water bottle – it’s much easier to sip on a refreshing drink, especially in warmer weather.

water with fresh lemon slices

  • Eat foods with a high water content, like cucumber, mushrooms, celery, strawberries and rockmelon.
  • For healthy variation, opt for sparkling or mineral water over soda.  I get it, drinking plain water day in and day out can get pretty boring.  Add some pizzazz by drinking a bubbly mineral option instead.  For even greater variety, add the slice of lemon, cucumber or crushed mint to your sparkling mineral water – you’ll be chugging gallons in no time! glass of sparkling water

These steps are easy to follow during the warmer weather months.  Start building this habit early, so that by the time the cooler weather sets in you already have a solid foundation of drinking plenty of water.

If you are consistently drinking enough water and you are sleeping properly each night, it might be time to consider taking a nutritional supplement to help you beat your brain fog.