We all hate it, but the human body has its own marvellous, intricate coping skills – sweating!

Why do we sweat? We sweat to maintain our body temperature.  Eccrine glands secrete clear, odorless sweat.  This secretion contains the toxins from our body.  As it evaporates it cools our body.  It is essential for the body to sweat.  We sweat when it’s hot, when we are nervous and tense, and when we exercise.

But is it good for your hair?  How does it affect your hair loss and hair thinning?

Does sweat make your hair fall?

Yes, it does.  Let us investigate how this happens, after all, knowledge is power.

Hair is made up of keratin.  When we sweat we also release lactic acid.  When keratin and lactic acid combine, this can cause hair loss.

When keratin and lactic acid bond together, bad things happen to hair.

When the sweat mixes with the different bacteria that’s already on your scalp, it can give rise to fungal infections as well.  This will affect the quality of your hair, hence hair thinning.

When we sweat we also get dehydrated, and so does our hair.  Ever been to the salon and had the hairdresser ask why your hair is dry and / or brittle?

If we sweat on a hot day and then don’t wash our hair, we will find dry flakes on the scalp.  When we sweat the next day, the sweat will mix with these dry flakes and this will cause blockages in your pores.

When your hair is parched, best avoid the Sahara.

Blocked pores will make your hair follicles inactive.  This can lead to hair loss.

All this talk of sweat is enough to make anyone’s head itch, don’t you think…

Now that we have seen the bad side of sweating and hair health, let’s take a closer look at the more positive effects of sweat on your hair.  As mentioned earlier, when we sweat, the body releases toxins.  This happens on your scalp as well, which helps to unclog some of the blocked pores or follicles on your scalp.

When our pores are open, this gives the required space for new hair growth.  As we have seen above, the problems start when the sweat is not washed off.  Massaging your scalp with oil will assist in removing harmful bacteria and the sweat will not be as harmful.

If you have access to a steam room at the gym, please do make time to use it.  The steam will assist in opening up the pores as well.

Steam rooms are not only for people living in the Alps.

Exercise is good as it improves circulation to the skin, which will boost hair growth, but it will also increase sweat.  If you want to prevent hair loss, simply make sure you clean your hair and scalp correctly after exercising. 

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Try using a pH balanced shampoo.  You don’t have to use shampoo every time you wash your hair, but be sure to wash the roots of your hair.  Over-shampooing will cause your hair to be drier as you lose your natural oils, so be careful not to do so! When using a shampoo be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Best leave the soap bubbles to your four year old niece, ok?

Also, use a conditioner – but only apply conditioner to the tips of your hair, not the roots.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Keep your body hydrated.  A healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and a good nutritional supplement designed specifically for hair health will help reduce hair loss.

The bottom line is that sweat can have both positive and negative effects on your hair.  Provided you follow the ideas above, it will do more good than bad.

To hydrate hair, stand in a bubbling stream and refresh yourself with a glass of pure aqua… Or, just make sure you drink plenty of water every day.

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