Have you ever been in so much pain that doing simple tasks like gardening or walking your dog is a struggle? Just like you, I’ve been there too. This is my story:

My name is Robert. I am 63 years old. I am a husband and a grandfather to two beautiful granddaughters. I am diabetic and controlling my weight has been a big challenge for the better part of my life.

Isabella at three months.

Emma blowing bubbles in the park (she was about three years old then).

As is the case with others, I found it harder to remain active as my weight continued to increase. You cannot imagine the pain I went through while taking my poodle, Haley, for a walk. The additional weight load placed a lot of stress and strain on my feet. I had to meditate before taking a walk.

With the help of my family, I signed up for a professional weight loss program run by my endocrinologist. Exercises were part of the weight loss program but because of my ever paining legs, I almost gave up on it. My endo advised me to visit a podiatrist to help me overcome the problem.

Nobody likes dieting – but it REALLY helped reduce my joint pain.

I suffer from Osteoarthritis of the feet. Because of aging, the cartilage in my feet has worn out. Because of this, often, my feet did not only pain, they also swelled. When I go for walks, the pain in my ankles is sometimes unbearable, even a few days after I have been on my walk.

The reason as to why I visited a podiatrist was to help me find ways to increase my activity levels without inflicting more pain or discomfort in my feet or ankles.

the correct footwear is essential for exercise

Rows upon rows of footwear – any man’s nightmare!

With the help of the podiatrist, I found suitable footwear that would fit my foot shape. Without the invaluable help and guidance of my podiatrist, finding the footwear would have been a challenge because there are so many different types of shoes. Seriously, have you seen the rows and rows of shoes at Footlocker?!

Having found the right footwear, the second step was to address my foot structure. A biomechanical assessment was carried out and they took an impression of my feet. From these measurements they designed a custom made orthotic device that corrected my foot and ankle alignment and restricted how much strain was placed on my ankle with each step. (I had to go back to the report to read that part, I would never be able to remember that on my own, hehe!)

Now I hear you ask what a biomechanical assessment is? That is where measurements are taken from your hips to your feet and then translated into how your entire body moves and functions when you walk and exercise. Neat hey?! My podiatrists used these measurements to determine the prescription and design of my insoles.

My pair of custom fit running shoes, with my custom fit insoles.

The third step was to combine my pair of custom fitted walking shoes with my custom made insoles. Once these insoles were carefully positioned into my shoes, I was able to wear them for everyday use as well as for my regular walks.

One year after starting the journey, I have lost over 40lbs. My blood sugar levels have also stabilized and I am well on my way to my recommended weight. My little Haley, being very friendly, comes with me on my daily walks. This has motivated me a lot. Not an afternoon goes by that Haley isn’t desperate to go out for her walk, she just loves them!

Haley, our fur-child.

Now, despite the gains and strides I had made, my joints still ached daily. The proper shoes I wore alleviated a lot of the pain, but my feet and ankles still ached.

I was waiting to see my endo one day and while in his waiting rooms I read an article in a magazine which suggested a supplement that could help ease the joint pain. At first, I was very sceptical of it. Since I direly needed help however, I read through the article. When I was called in to see the doctor, I replaced the magazine and totally forgot to ask the receptionist to make a copy of the article for me when I left the practice! I was so annoyed at myself.

Testing my blood glucose levels every day is part of managing my diabetes.

An elderly friend of mine showed me a supplement that she had been taking, called Titanium Joint Support. I could not believe my luck – this was the exact same supplement that I had read about in the doctor’s office.  My friend Mary showed me how it was developed and why it was considered to be a better alternative than any of the other joint pain supplements, so I decided to give it a try too. If it worked for Mary, surely it would work for me too, right?

Boy, I was surprised. Since Titanium Joint Support contained more of the active ingredients required for joint pain, neck pain, back pain and muscle cramps, I could not wait to start taking the supplement.

I got the supplement from Amazon. To get yours, click here.

Three months after taking Titanium Joint Support, I can proudly say that this is the best decision I have ever made.

At the moment, I take Haley for walks twice a day without any trouble. I can go to the park with my granddaughters whenever I want. What is more, my wife says I am more agile and active around the house, especially in the garden.

Here I am helping out at the community food garden. I just love getting my hands dirty in the soil.

I don’t know who likes Titanium Joint Support  more – me or my wife!

If you suffer from joint pain like I did, and you are overweight as well, I would highly recommend visiting a podiatrist as well as taking Titanium Joint Support as part of your journey to a healthy life. It’s a no brainer, you will not regret it for one second!

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