Yoga is one of the ancient forms of exercise practiced by so many people today.  Although the general health benefits of yoga are numerous, as are the vast number of poses (downward dog always comes to mind 😉), this Health Info Article focusses on one yoga pose, known as the Yoga Triangle Pose, and aims to show how it benefits those suffering from arthritis or other chronic joint pain.  The Triangle Pose is just one of the many yoga poses that have been proven to be more effective as a therapeutic treatment than the rest.  The Yoga Triangle Pose brings out the beauty of yoga on a whole different level, benefiting the individual both mentally and physically.

Getting Into Position

The Yoga Triangle Pose, also known as Utthita Trikonasana, is a simple and gentle exercise that can be done by anyone at any age.  Starting with an upright position, part your legs (approximately the length of one of your legs) and lift your arms directly away from your shoulders.  Bend from the hip – not from the waist – lowering your right arm towards your right leg.  Note: it is very important to keep your body aligned during this process.  You can choose to place the palms of your hand on the ankle, foot, or on the mat depending on your preference.

yoga triangle pose is a beginner pose with therapeutic benefits

The Yoga Triangle Pose is relatively easy to master.

The goal is to feel the stretch (novices may feel a slight burn as the muscles get stretched like this for the first time – take it easy, don’t push yourself and do unnecessary damage) and to achieve muscle activation and relaxation.  This complete pose forms the Triangle Pose and its benefits on your joints are remarkable.  Below are just some of the benefits of the Yoga Triangle Pose and the impact they have on your joints.

Strengthens Your Legs

This pose automatically strengthens legs.  This is because it requires a lot of stamina and stability to be able to hold this pose for a long time.  The stretched bottom together with the calf, knees, and ankles make a good workout for your legs.  Improved strength and stamina in your legs help alleviate joint problems in the knee joint and ankle joint, thereby improving your overall health.

Improves Your Core Stability

One of the most common causes of joint problems is poor core strength.  Your core plays a major role in your day to day activities, like bending and lifting objects.  If you have a weak core, you are ten times more likely to hurt your joints or feel pain in your joints after a little workout.  However, regular practice of the Yoga Triangle Pose helps strengthen your abdominals.

yoga improves core strength

Yoga helps strengthen your core muscles.

Alleviates Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

As we age, lower back pain can become the norm in our day to day activities.  However, regular yoga poses like trikonasana is a good way to keep these symptoms at bay.  Bending from the hip opens the hips, obliques, and back.  This relaxes the pelvic bone improving blood circulation in the area.  Increased blood flow improves joint mobility thus lowering symptoms of chronic lower back pain, which is a major symptom as we age.

It’s a Therapeutic Alternative

We live in a hectic world where everything we do, both physically and emotionally, could impact our health negatively.  The Yoga Triangle Pose is a good way to release our emotions and reduce tension in our stressed muscles and joints.  This pose involves a lot of opening, stretching, and elongating improving the general performance of the whole body.  When muscles are relaxed and tension is released, any signs of joint pain are reduced to a great extent.  This makes the Yoga Triangle Pose a great and effective therapeutic alternative to medications and other forms of treatment.

yoga is therapeutic

Yoga is a healthy therapeutic alternative.

Improves Mental Health

When it comes to your joints, muscles, and the general health of your body, your mental health plays a huge role.  Stress and all forms of emotions are a major factor when it comes to the health of your joints and muscles.  The Yoga Triangle Pose is an excellent way to release emotions.  This is because this pose requires a lot of concentration and deep breathing.  These two activities help increase blood flow to your joints and brain and this helps promote a relaxed state of mind.  This relaxed state of mind helps improve mental health and the increased blood flow helps alleviate any form of joint pain.

yoga is good for mental health

Yoga is an excellent way to release tension – both physically and mentally.

Why Wait?

The Yoga Triangle Pose is an excellent way to either start or end your day.  We cannot live our lives to the fullest if we suffer from chronic joint pain.  Surely, this is as good a reason as any as to why minimizing chronic joint pain should be a daily activity.

Do you do yoga?  If so, leave a comment and tell us what your favorite pose is, we’d love to hear from you.  If you don’t do yoga, tell us what’s stopping you, and we may be able to help motivate you 😊

This Health Info Article is attributed to Mkambe (unknown author).